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Remastered? The new improved version!

Everyone knows the Herman Miller Aeron Classic, so what can you improve on it?

  • You can now slide the armrests of the Herman Miller Aeron 2 Graphite and its like forwards and backwards. This is a huge advantage, you can now move much closer to your table, which prevents neck and shoulder pain.
  • The “SL Dual Zone” back support provides support in two areas. Low in the back and a little higher at the loin.
  • The tilt mechanism has been completely redesigned which ensures even balance, the same resistance everywhere.
  • The resistance of the tilt mechanism can now be quickly adjusted with a few turns. (on the classic model you had to turn endlessly)
  • The mesh covering has become slightly firmer. Especially at the session, this is an advantage. The edge of the seat slopes better.
  • There are four colors: Onyx black, Graphite, Carbon and Mineral.
  • The Herman Miller Aeron is also excellent as a gaming chair.


We supply the new Aeron 2 Remastered, in virtually all sizes and colorways, directly from our own stock. An Aeron 2 Remastered that you buy from us comes with all the adjustment features and options, including:

– tilt mechanism with weight adjustment
– PostureFit SL with Dual zone low back support
– height adjustable armrests
– depth adjustable and twistable armrests
– rearward tilt can be limited
– additional forward tilt (with blocking capability)


What size should I choose?

The Herman Miller Aeron is the only versions of Herman Miller office chairs that come in different sizes. The huge advantage of buying a custom chair is that you have much less to adjust, after all, the chair already fits. What you need to know:

  • The Herman Miller Aeron is getting bigger overall. By this I mean that not only does the seat of the larger size get larger, but the back and also the armrests get further apart with a larger size.
  • Therefore, sometimes a larger size fits better when you’re a little heavier, and sometimes a narrow person fits better in a relatively smaller size. You then come out better with the armrests.
  • A larger office chair sometimes feels more comfortable initially, but a chair that is too large often provides less support in the lower back.
  • Size A: the smallest size. Up to a height of 162cm you are in a size A anyway. Between 162 and 170 a B would also be possible, but you have to be a bit heavier from 70kg on.
  • Size B: the middle size. At a height of 170 to 188, almost everyone is in a size B. If you weigh 95kg or more, then size C also qualifies.
  • Size C: the largest size. Anyone over 188 is almost always best in a size C. Occasionally when someone is very light or narrow, a size B may still be better.
  • Maximum allowable weight: 136kg (A) 159kg (B and C)
  • Seat height: 40-50 cm (A) 46-59 cm (B and C)
  • Seat depth 44cm (A) 46cm (W) 50cm (C)

If you are now somewhere exactly in between or in doubt, it is recommended that you come and try on. We have all sizes in the showroom.



The Aeron’s durability and innovation have continued to evolve since its introduction nearly 30 years ago. By not using standard materials such as foam, fabric or leather, the Aeron is a true pioneer of sustainability. The Aeron consists of more than 50 percent recycled material. Most of this material comes from plastic removed from the ocean, taking more than 150 tons of plastic from the ecosystem each year.

Weight 18 kg
Type stoel
Full Options

The chair features all available adjustment options


Mesh, seat & back have the color: Graphite (dark gray)

Frame & voet

Aluminum parts are coated, color: Graphite – foot is plastic color: Graphite


with weight adjustment & forward and backward tilt


front & rear motion limiters


PostureFit SL with Dual zone back support


3D armrests: height, depth & swivel


Standard equipped with wheels for carpet


Herman Miller



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